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September 1, 2020 - New original song, "Mesopotamia."

Hey all! Here's a new original song I wrote and recorded in my new home recording studio! Thank you so much for all the comments on Instagram! I appreciate the support. You can hear the full track on YouTube. I might take out the electronic programming/ loops and record real drums and bass, but people seem to be digging this so we'll see! If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram and on YouTube as that's where I post updates weekly! Enjoy!

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Had an absolute blast doing a show with Bar Fly again! Thanks to everyone who came out! I will be performing again with Bar Fly Aug. 22 at The Wing Shack, 4650 E. Michigan St. Orlando. Start @ 7.30! Follow on Instagram or Facebook pages for more updates!

Instagram - Sjkaynan

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July 25, 2020 - Live show dates with bar fly!

I will be doing a few live dates with Bar Fly! I haven't been onstage since March and also haven't seen Hunter and Scott in over two years! Some Ozzy, Sabbath, Van Halen, Rush, some blues, country, Shinedown, Pearl Jam, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and much more! Follow on my Facebook and Instagram page for more info on show dates!

Feb 21, 2020 - Endorsement with PIck guy guitar picks!

Made in USA!

Made in USA!

I'm now officially endorsed by PICK GUY guitar picks!!! They designed and made these awesome guitar picks for my 2020 ROCKIT FLY shows! Even cooler is that one of my favorite guitarist - John 5 (Rob Zombie, David Lee Roth Band) has been using and endorsing this company for years as well as Slaughter, Great White and others! Such an honor! Thanks to everyone @ Pick Guy ! 

6/10/2019 - You Tube!