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feb 1, 2019 - live rehearsal/ jam!

Completely spontaneous and we hadn't played together prior! Cool story - bassist Robert and I had been corresponding through Facebook for a while as I had been networking down in the Miami area the last year or so. Then I went back to Nashville to head out for Hot Blooded shows and then finally was able to plan on moving down to South FL! Absolutely love it and it is gorgeous down here! Here's some Jimi Hendrix and some Doobie Brothers. I didn't remember all lyrics and phrasing and I dropped my cell phone but cool thing though... because the audio from my cell turned out pretty good... so when the screen turns black, just enjoy the music! We are in the middle of picking songs to actually fully learn and we will be throwing in one of my original songs per set! A blast! More updates on the way!

Robert - bass   Levon - drums      Steve - guitar, vocals

July 30, 2018

"Time" from Steve's latest album, has been featured on FM radio for the second time in the last two months! Three years after the albums release, not only is it still getting some buzz, but now on FM stations! More news on the way!

July 24, 2018 - Pics and videos from the road and ny shows!

Thanks to the city of Corning NY for being so great to HOT BLOODED and for their amazing hospitality and catering before and after the show! Amazing crowd, awesome stage  and crew, and they got us each great hotel rooms! Syracuse the following night was also awesome and we stayed at an incredible Marriot Hotel built in 1920! Met tons of new peeps! Thanks for all the kind words and support! The food up north is so amazing! Also had my first beer in months in Syracuse. A Syracuse pale ale, and it was good! You can see some live camera footage I took with my cell on my Facebook page, and I will be making a You Tube video of the footage from the road in the next few weeks!

- Steve