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Jan 5, 2020 - ROCKIT FLY!

Happy New year!

I'm officially the new guitarist for Rockit Fly!!! I'm absolutely excited and honored to be in this amazing group with such great players! Can't wait to share the stage with these guys while playing the music I love! If you haven't already...go on the Rockit Fly page for more info!👍😎🤘 ROCKIT FLY show dates can also be found here -

I am going to be taking a few more students for my side teaching business! "Great rates," and no start up fees!! On this video you can see me teaching a couple of my students and how great using Skype is! You will have your lessons with me without having to leave the compass of your own home and I can teach anyone on the globe! 🌍💻🎸😎  If interested get with me asap. All ages and musical interest/ styles welcome. Vacations are ending and school is starting back up, so this will fill up quickly! Go to the /guitar-lessons section for more info! More cool news on the way!!!

6/10/2019 - You Tube!

Since 2013 I have been using Instagram as my main source for my videos and updates etc. Which then automatically post on my Facebook etc. I like Instagram not only to use to display my musical journey and for interaction, but it's also drama free etc. Therefore I haven't done much with my You Tube account with the exception of a few videos. So I'm in the process of taking dozens and dozens of videos from my Instagram from 2014 - present and adding them to You Tube. There are so many that I have to consolidate them into groups of separate uploads etc. - 

-Videos of me playing my originals from my albums 
-Tons of live show footage from FL, Nashville TN, KY, NY 
-On the road in KY and NY, rehearsals, 
-Videos I made when I got endorsed, 
-"Daily guitar playin'" videos, 
- Tons of footage of me playing some of my favorite score/ soundtrack music/ themes 
-Me teaching, jamming and having fun with students and so on! 

So be sure to follow me on the Tube!... I've already added two new ones and there will be a bunch more! More news on the way!

feb 1, 2019 - live rehearsal/ jam!

Completely spontaneous and we hadn't played together prior! Cool story - bassist Robert and I had been corresponding through Facebook for a while as I had been networking down in the Miami area the last year or so. Then I went back to Nashville to head out for Hot Blooded shows and then finally was able to plan on moving down to South FL! Absolutely love it and it is gorgeous down here! Here's some Jimi Hendrix and some Doobie Brothers. I didn't remember all lyrics and phrasing and I dropped my cell phone but cool thing though... because the audio from my cell turned out pretty good... so when the screen turns black, just enjoy the music! We are in the middle of picking songs to actually fully learn and we will be throwing in one of my original songs per set! A blast! More updates on the way!

Robert - bass   Levon - drums      Steve - guitar, vocals