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November 2020 Live shows Dates!

Hey all! Here are the LIVE dates for November! More to come!


Nov 14 - The Alley, Sanford FL - 8pm 

Nov 20 - Casselberry's, Casselberry FL - 9:30 

Nov 21 - Casselberry's, Casselberry FL - 9:30 

Nov 25 - Garage Bar, St. Cloud FL - 9:00 

Nov 27 - Garage Bar, St. Cloud FL - 9:00 

Nov 28 - Garage Bar, St. Cloud FL - 9:00

Live footage! "Red House" solo section!

Some LIVE footage from our show last night at The Alley in Sanford Oct. 22, 2020!. This is from my cell phone, quality turned out pretty good. My take on the solo section of "Red House " with guitar and vocal duet/ unison after solo. No effects on the guitar. 
These are the moments I always look forward to the most at every gig I do. Next show - Oct. 31, Halloween @ Wing Shack Orlando! Show dates for November and December will will added to the "shows" section in the next few days!

Rob - bass 
Brian - drums 
Steve - guitar 
Hunter - vocals

New recording/ video - Metallica - "Creeping Death" vocal!

Here's a vocal cover I did last night from one of the albums that influenced me the most - Metallica's "Ride the Lightning." I utilized a lot of James vocal style as well as did my own version, incorporating some vocal styles by Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) James Labrie (Dream Theater). Very simple recording setup - EV 767 vocal mic into PreSonus recording preamp into Logic Pro Studio. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube!

If you want me to sing on your track/ record vocals, go to the "Session/ recording work" section and contact me for rates and info!

September 1, 2020 - New original song, "Mesopotamia."

Hey all! Here's a new original song I wrote and recorded in my new home recording studio! Thank you so much for all the comments on Instagram! I appreciate the support. You can hear the full track on YouTube. I might take out the electronic programming/ loops and record real drums and bass, but people seem to be digging this so we'll see! If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram and on YouTube as that's where I post updates weekly! Enjoy!

Instagram - Sjkaynan

YouTube -

Had an absolute blast doing a show with Bar Fly again! Thanks to everyone who came out! I will be performing again with Bar Fly Aug. 22 at The Wing Shack, 4650 E. Michigan St. Orlando. Start @ 7.30! Follow on Instagram or Facebook pages for more updates!

Instagram - Sjkaynan

Facebook - Steve Kaynan

July 25, 2020 - Live show dates with bar fly!

Feb 21, 2020 - Endorsement with PIck guy guitar picks!

6/10/2019 - You Tube!